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Meet Our Foxes

Kit season 2022, Fox Tale Sanctuary became the home to 7 babies in need. Each fox that comes into the sanctuary immediately sees the exotic vet, receives vaccinations, is microchipped and will be spayed/ neutered and immediate costs quickly escalate beyond $800.  Your donation will go to immediate use to offset these costs and save foxes.  Please consider donating today!



The reason for it all

Kit is our personal pet and has become Fox Tale Sanctuary's ambassador fox!  She is a stunning Whitemark fox.  Kit is a bit skittish as she had been through quite an ordeal very early on in life.  However, she is a very happy and playful girl who loves crunching on raw chicken drums and destroying all kinds of squeaky toys!


Fur farm to freedom

Bear's story begins in Wisconsin.  He comes to Fox Tale Sanctuary as part of a larger rescue effort that saved 27 foxes from a fur farm.  He is the first fox to join our sanctuary and is our introduction to the rescue world. It wasn't too soon following my understanding for the greater need to rescue foxes, that a random post on a Facebook fox group came up on my timeline.  Someone had learned about a Fox Fur Farm in Wisconsin whose owner had just passed away and the widow was selling 50 breeding pairs for $150 each.  I was fortunate to assist another wonderful fox rescue in the fundraising efforts for the exchange and transportation of these foxes from Wisconsin to Ohio.  We brought Bear to the sanctuary on November 7th and got him settled into the new 10 x 20 outdoor enclosure.  Opening the door from his transport crate introduced him to a freedom he has never experienced... He apprehensively emerged to see his new home.  Kit's immediate curiosity was apparent and within a very short period of time, they were running and playing together... fully accepting of one another!

Bear is a silver red fox color variant, his fur is black with interspersed silver-tipped hairs and he has a very laid back personality. Bear's favorite treats are dates.  We recently learned that the group in this rescue effort is suffering from liver and kidney issues. So we proactively had blood work drawn just in case.   The results showed that he does have slightly elevated liver enzymes and we have placed him on supplements to support his liver function and will have periodic testing done to stay ahead of any developments. The vet believes that he may be a little bit older than Kit, but is in overall good health. 

We look forward to the continued bond that Kit and Bear develop!  If you are interested in sponsoring Bear, please let us know!   



No fox left behind

Meet Finnegan!  Finnegan comes to Fox Tale Sanctuary after receiving a message from a group member that he was up for auction during a livestock event at a local auction house.  He had been bid on and won by someone at an exotic auction 5 days earlier whereby the winner never showed to pay/ pick him up.  Once we found out about him, we immediately jumped into action and got on the road to give him a better life! 


Finnegan is the SWEETEST of our foxes currently.  You will often see him enjoying indoor enrichment in our home, walking the grounds on his lead or sitting on my lap during car rides. Estimated under a year of age and weighing in at 15.6 lbs, Finnegan is a rare Albino Red Fox who was bred in captivity.  From what we know, he was one of four that came to auction and had little to no human interaction prior to.  Albino animals don't survive long in the wild.  If the albino is a prey animal, it will be captured quickly because it lacks camouflage color. If it is a predator animal, it will be easily spotted by its prey and have a difficult time getting food.  Some say it happens only once in every hundred thousand births. Others claim it is even more rare—one in a million!  If you are interested in sponsoring Finnegan, please let us know!


A new home, a forever future

Roo comes to us as an owner surrender.  Sometimes life throws us all curveballs and change needs to occur.  Roo is almost a year old and was purchased from a breeder by her owners with all the excitement that comes with a new pet and had the best of intentions.   However, fox ownership is a large commitment that requires knowledge, patience and time.  The family faced some serious medical challenges that demanded more time away from sweet Roo.  She also had a move from one home to another, which can be extremely stressful for a fox. To compound Roo's early experience, she escaped to the wild, twice.  Upon return, Roo's behavior towards her owners had changed drastically and the demands to reacclimate her to 'domestic life' along with the time requirements became overwhelming.  These owners did the best thing for Roo and reached out for help.  

Currently Roo is being quarantined since she picked up a variety of worms parasites and bacterium.  Once Roo's health improves and we have been able to gain her trust, making her more comfortable in her new home, she will be introduced to her new fox family.



A fighter for life

Zoe was brought into the Stark Parks Wildlife Conservation Center back in October by a Geauga County Humane Officer.  She was found in the wild, shot in the shoulder and wearing a collar.  In need of immediate medical attention, the Wildlife Care Supervisor reached out to their veterinary staff to save this little girl's life and repair the damage the bullet had caused.  Zoe's leg was so badly broken that she required surgery to place multiple pins to hold the fragments together.  After months of recovery, Zoe's pins were removed at the end of January and she was placing weight on the leg again.  Throughout Zoe's journey, the team tried to find an owner-- since she was wearing a collar, someone had to be missing her.   However,  no microchip, no owner stepped forward nor was found.  Being a captive bred fox, Zoe was not a candidate to be released into the wild and Stark Parks WCC began the search to find her a home. Fox Tale Sanctuary was recommended by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and we were contacted to provide Zoe a place to call her forever, loving home. 


'He' turned out to be 'she'

Dutton came to us as a ‘he’! But Duttie was a ‘she’. This owner's surrender took us by surprise! Dutton came in as a ‘he’ because the two foxes were not getting along. When taken to the vet, no ‘jewels’ were found, and everything began to make sense.


Two females cannot be put together unless it is a mother-daughter or sibling-to-sibling relationship. So the foxes didn’t get along. Dutton is Finnegan’s ‘betterhalf’. They have become a bonded pair and the garbage cans of the sanctuary, as they are ALWAYS willing to take more treats.



A kit who fit the palm of my hand

Stinker is our most involved rescue to date. People always ask me about a ‘favorite’, and this may be the one I draw attention to the most given the circumstances. Coming to FTS at only 3 days old, Stink was brought to rescue following a breeder phone call who was panicked. Stinky was one of 4 kits, born to a first-time mom, who had consumed his 3 litter mates. As a first-time mom, some females can be overwhelmed with motherhood and others can take the lives of their kits due to surrounding threats. This phone call came in after his 3 litter mates had been taken and the breeder was unsure of how to handle the remaining kit. We advised him to remove the kit from his mom for protection.


Unfortunately, the breeder did not have the time or resources available to care for the remaining kit. Stinky came to us, in the middle of the night, dirty, hungry, and in need of warmth. He smelled HORRIBLE… hence the name ‘Stinky’. It became a term of endearment and has stuck ever since, despite my husband’s efforts to give him a solid name. Thank God for my wildlife rehab training classes and the connections made to help me
through this experience. From day one, it was around-the-clock feeding (every 2 hours) and weighing to measure his food requirements based on metabolism. It is a delicate combination to make sure they are fed and thriving vs overfeeding and putting them at risk for long-term medical ailments. After 4 weeks of around-the-clock care, Stinky had made it through the worst of it and we were able to breathe a little sigh of relief.


Today, Stinker is the most popular face of FTS. Since he was raised so early on, his comfort level with humans is high. We also take Stink everywhere around town with us to continue that interaction with
others and socialize in new environments. Stinky, more recently, was in America’s Favorite Pet competition. Out of 11,000 animals, he made it to the top 24 in the Semi-Finals!! Stinky has the goofiest of all personalities! I cannot make it in and out of the enclosure without him tugging at my sleeve, jumping up on my back, and sitting on my shoulders. He is truly a lover!


Fragile but fearless!

Princess Freya came to the rescue at 2 weeks old. She was purchased at an exotic animal auction in NE Ohio. The buyer was told that little miss Freya was older… however, she reached out to us when she had trouble getting her to eat. It was because Freya was sold SO YOUNG that she still should have been nursing on mom and hadn’t been properly transitioned to soft foods. During the conversation to coach
the new owner on what and how to get food and water into Freya, I told her that I had for formula, syringes, and a nipple that she could use, and I would drive it out to her. Come to find out, the new owner lived in Pennsylvania, which for the most part is an illegal state. I gave her information on where
to go to research and confirm, as well as whom to contact. The next day, the owner contacted me in tears stating that I was in fact correct, and asked if Freya could come to FTS.


Things were a challenge to get this little girl transitioned to soft foods for sure! She refused formula so I resorted to mashed, scrambled eggs mixed with the formula and cottage cheese. To make things more challenging, not one of the foxes here at the sanctuary wanted a thing to do with her… We worried that perhaps there was something medically wrong with her that we weren’t able to pick up on. So needless to say, Freya became my constant companion. We made a sling for me to wear and for her to rest in throughout the day… she was royalty from the start! Freya has a special bond with the dogs in our home… they were the only animals to take to her and accept her. It wasn’t until Louie’s injury brought him into the house that she finally started bonding with another fox. Today, Princess Freya and Louie have an enclosure together… and she certainly is the ‘look at me’ personality of the bunch! Super loving and accepting of belly rubs to everyone that visits!

Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 2.11.00 PM.png


Sisu From Nelson Ledges

Sisu comes to Fox Tale Sanctuary as an owner surrender. Sisu was purchased at an exotic pet auction in NE Ohio as a gift. She had been living in a campground at Nelson Ledges with her owner before realizing with the winter months coming that she needed more space. Her owner reached out to Fox Tale Sanctuary to provide her with the appropriate living accommodations, space, and enrichment to provide
Sisu with the happiest outcome moving forward.


Riot The Riot

Riot is an owner surrender. Riot was ridiculously loved and spoiled by his 17 yr old owner. I have never once experienced a fox so well-behaved and trained. Riot was 2.5 yrs old upon intake… fully litter
trained and the only ‘house’ fox here at FTS. He is a goofy, fun-loving personality and still coming out of his shell.

Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 2.22.28 PM.png


Tiny But Mighty

Little Miss Hazel is an owner surrender. Upon intake, Hazel was the tiniest of foxes and a survivor of two that the owner had. Hazel made her FTS debut at a brunch fundraiser at Lago and was the hit of the
event. Hazel is an attention-seeking, energetic Fox who has a fiery personality that could rival Freya’s princess status.


Puss In Boots

Fallon, a.k.a. Baby Satan (nicknamed by our volunteers), was an owner surrender making her way to Fox Tale Sanctuary because her owners were making a move to an illegal fox ownership state. Those eyes
tell it all, as this sneak attacker will bite down just because of a spot cleanup of her enclosure. She is the ‘Puss in Boots' with her inviting eyes. She has been one of our biggest challenges to date. We have a
trainer working with her to break through her personal trauma and are seeing big improvements!

Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 2.23.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 2.26.16 PM.png


Poof Poof

Candy, a.k.a. Poof Poof, comes to us as an owner surrender. Life throws us all curve balls and Poof’s owner wanted something more for her baby. As all owner surrenders, Poof came to us scared and unsure of her new surroundings. Poof is continuously coming out of her shell. She is highly food motivated with her favorite Full Moon treats and loves playing through her enclosure with Stinky.

Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 1.25.19 PM.png

The Fabulous 5!

No Litter Left Behind!

These babies came to us last ‘kit’ season as a breeder surrender. A ‘breeder surrender’ you ask? Kit’s original breeder reached out to us when we received Stinky at 3 days old, letting us know that he shouldn’t be raised alone… single child syndrome. He asked to give us a female to raise with Stink to avoid food aggression and behavioral issues.


Due to tragic life circumstances, we
were asked to take all the kits, upon arrival, into our care.



No Litter Left Behind!

Lola is Stink’s bonded female. Although shy and reserved, Lola is Stinker’s dedicated companion. Lola is playful and the first to take any toy from the foxes in the enclosure.



No Litter Left Behind!

Cole craves attention but is not yet comfortable in giving you all his trust. He is the dominant personality in the enclosure.


No Litter Left Behind!

Grayson has been paired with Roo. He is the sweetest fox who has helped Roo come out of her shell.



No Litter Left Behind!

Louie is Freya’s savior! Louie had an injury that resulted in him being at home for a lengthy period when all the foxes would not accept Freya. Louie and Freya have become a bonded pair. Louie is a gentle, loving soul and the largest of the babies.

Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 1_edited.png


No Litter Left Behind!

Wheeler found his home with Hazel after our realization that he REALLY wanted to be with her. He had been with Fallon, constantly chewing through dividers out of his curiosity and interest in Hazel. It has been ‘stars and hearts’ since the move. Wheeler is a submissive and gentle personality.

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